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Indoor Bowling

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Enjoy the fun of indoor bowling at the Stenton Jubilee Community Centre, Glenrothes. This is a great leisurely activity for all ages, family and friends.

 Book our bowling carpet for just £5 per hour. If 4 people share the carpet that works out at just £1.25 each.

Your first session is free and tuition can be given my our resident expert, Dave.

Call 01592 882359 or 07950278742 and ask for Anna to book a session.

Bowling Explained

A bowling green is split into a number of rinks with each game taking place on a rink. A mat is placed centrally on the rink and a small white or yellow ball known as a jack is bowled towards the far end of the rink. The player bowling the jack can determine the length at which the jack is set.

 The jack (small whte ball) is centred. Unlike the spherical jack, a bowl is not round-shaped; rather one side of the bowl called the bias is shaved. As the bowl slows down, it will curve towards the bias; in this way players are able to choose which direction their bowl will curve



When each player has played their bowls, an end has been played and points (or shots) are awarded. The idea of the game is to get as many of your bowls closer to the jack than your opponent’s nearest bowl. For each such bowls, a shot is awarded. When an agreed number of shots are reached, the game is over.


There are many different variations of game – the traditional “first to 21 shots” is still very popular but professional tournaments often opt for a game of sets (for example, World Bowls Tour events consist of 2 sets of 9 ends, with sudden death ends to decide the winner in the event that each players wins one set each.

If you would like to know more about indoor bowling please go HERE which is the website for the Scottish Indoor Bowling Association.

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